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REplenish your spirit and soul

Looking for a venue for your next ministry camp or retreat?

See how Tunnel Ridge Ranch can be just what you’re looking for. Our fully catered camps take the load off your team spending hours in the kitchen to spend time with each other.

Our fully programmed youth camps take the load off your leaders keeping the youth group entertained all day to spend time making memories with each other.

Tunnel ridge Dam
Conference Centre

Our venue provides the perfect setting for relaxing ministry retreats, in-depth spiritual discussions, group teaching times, enough space for quiet and solitude, healthy and bonding meal times, or high energy activities for all your participants.

If you are looking for a place to take your ministry group on retreat or camp, give us a call to discuss your perfect weekend.

Let us take care of you while you take care of each other.

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Camps at Tunnel Ridge Ranch are unique and memorable. Our onsite activities can be tailored for most age groups from Year 3 and up. A Camp at Tunnel Ridge Ranch will get you back to nature, back to basics, and back to the simplicity of camping, all the while enjoying some of the conveniences of our modern lifestyles.

Enquire about Group Bookings

Take your group, school, leadership team, corporate team, or family on a weekend camping adventure at Tunnel Ridge Ranch.

We can offer fully-catered weekends for groups of 20 or more for as little as $199 per person. Add up to 6 Programmed Activities for as little as $90 per person.

Or take a more relaxed approach with our fully-catered weekends with 2 programmed activities for groups of 20 or more for as little as $244 per person.